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Regulations and Examination Board

Duties and responsibilities

The examination board is responsible for seing that the study regulations are kept. After a student's request, it also deliberates and decides on any case of doubt or exception. The student will eventually be informed notified about the final decision in written form (Exam regulations, §5 clause 4).


The examination board informs the faculties about the trends of examinations and duration of study, suggest reforms of the study and exam regulations, and reveals the distributions of examination and overall grades (Exam regulations, §5 clause 5).


The examination board members are entitled to attend examinations and courses. The members, as well as their deputies, are obliged to secrecy concerning any matters of the examination board (Exam regulations, §5 clauses 6 & 7).


Further duties and responsibilites of the examination board, for example the admittance to the support program, the appointment of examiners, and the approval of extramural studies, are regulated in further clauses of the exam regulation and can be read on the following page. This page also contains appointments issued by the board.



The examination board consists of three professors, an academic employee and a student. The members are elected for two years by the Center for Bioinformatics. For each member additionally a deputy is named.



Scientific Employees:

Studentische Vertreter:

  • Lisa Raber
  • Nils Alznauer (deputy)