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Bioinformatics involves the development of algorithms and software with which to simulate biochemical processes and analyze molecular biological data. The Center places its particular research emphasis on improving methods for the faster development of better medications with fewer side effects.


Some 30 work groups in the areas of computer science, mathematics, medicine, pharmaceutical science, biology, biotechnology and chemistry conduct research and teach at the Center for Bioinformatics Saar. In addition to the core bioinformatics senior and junior research groups, over twenty other departments and five institutes from diverse research areas are part of or closely collaborate with Center for Bioinformatics Saar to create a unique, multi-disciplinary, and thriving environment. They participate in both research and teaching, interacting with the researchers and students likewise. A professorship in Bioinformatics (with a focus on medicine) and an assistant professorship will soon be added to support the CBI Saar work groups.


Computational Biology and Applied AlgorithmicsBioinformaticsBioinformaticsClinical BioinformaticsAlgorithms for Computational Genomics High-Throughput Genomics and Systems Biology Structural Bioinformatics of Protein InteractionsStatistical Learning in Computational Biology

Overview of the work groups organized in the CBI Saar. Further information on the core groups can be obtained by clicking the corresponding name in the inner circle.