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The Center for Bioinformatics Saar (CBI) is a scientific facility at Saarland University. The organs of the CBI comprise an executive board, a governing board, and the Dean of the faculty of bioinformatics. The executive board consists of one representative from each of the participating faculties. Thomas Lengauer is the scientific director of the Center. The executive office of the Center is directed by Pia Scherer-Geiss. The governing board of the Center coordinates the organization of the bioinformatics curricula and of other joint activities.

Members are all professors for bioinformatics, the executive director as well as representatives of the three faculties, of the scientific staff, and of the students. The Center for Bioinformatics runs its own examination office, directed by Karin Jostock.

The topical structure of the Center follows a shell model. The core is comprised of currently eight bioinformatics groups, which are senior and junior to equal parts. The next shell layer comprises groups from the participating subjects of informatics, biology, and medicine, which participate in bioinformatics teaching as well as in interdisciplinary research projects. The next shell layer comprises groups which support the Center predominantly in teaching. In the outermost shell layer, we find groups with research contacts to the Center.