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Bachelor's and Master's Thesis

Thesis announcement

Before registering as a candidate for the final assessment phase (Bachelor’s/Master’s thesis), each student shall have successfully completed a Bachelor’s/Master’s seminar in an area with direct relevance to the topic being addressed in the thesis and shall have given a presentation on the planned thesis project (Section 7 (2) and Section 8 (2) of the Study Regulations governing the bachelor’s and master’s programmes in Bioinformatics).

Students shall register their thesis project with the Examinations Office no later than one semester after successfully completing the Bachelor’s/Master’s seminar. In order to register, a student shall submit to the Examination Office the slides used to present the student’s thesis project in the Bachelor’s/Master’s seminar (can be sent as pdf-file to the examination office) . Students who fail to meet this deadline will be required to successfully complete another Bachelor’s seminar (Section 7 (3) and Section 8 (3) of the Study Regulations governing the bachelor’s and master’s programmes in Bioinformatics).

If you want to announce a Bachelor's or Master's Thesis, please show up with the filled out form at the examination office. The form must be postmarked first at the office! Afterwards, you must bring the postmarked form to your tutor (who will subscribe it and send it back to the examination office).

Announcement form (pdf)


Thesis Submission

Three copies of the Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis (stapled or bound) shall be submitted to the examination office with the filled out form.

You shall also supply an electronic version in a common file fomat (on CD).

You shall give written assurance that the electronic version is identical in content to the printed version.

Congruence of the contents of the printed data and the electronic version of the thesis

You shall include a signed declaration of original authorship stating that the thesis is you own original work and that no source materials or aids other than those indicated were used.

Title page and depostion Master (pdf)

Please consider: It is reasonable to apply for the certifactes at the time when submitting the Thesis!



A colloquium lasting 30 minutes shall be held in order to establish that the Bachelor’s and Master’s thesis is your original work. The colloquium serves to present the methods used and the results achieved and is usually held after you have submitted the printed version of your Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis. In the subsequent discussion, you shall demonstrate that you are able to defend your work when it is subjected to critical questioning. One of the colloquium examiners shall be the person who set the candidate’s thesis topic. Your performance in the colloquium shall form part of the grade awarded for the thesis project. (Section 34 (1) of the Subject-Specific Regulations for Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Programmes in Bioinformatics at Saarland University Supplementing the Joint Examination Regulations for the Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Programmes of Faculty 6 (Natural Sciences and Technology Faculty I – Mathematics and Computer Science) of 21 January 2016.


Review Process

The Bachelor’s and Master’s thesis will be assessed by the first and second examiner. Both examiners shall hand in their written reports no later than two months after the Bachelor’s thesis was submitted or no later than three months after the Master’s thesis was submitted. The report shall contain a thesis grade.