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Subscription to examinations

The un/subscription is done using the online portal (since WS 2006/07).


Before the actual summer semester 2009 the so-called "pooling" has been introduced in the administration of exams for bioinformatics students. That means that an examination (e.g. "programming II") with its corresponding subscription and unsubscription deadlines is entered only once in the system, namely by the course of studies which offers the course (exporting course of studies - in the case of "programming II"  the computer science). As the various courses of studies have defined different subscription and unsubscription deadlines in their examination regulations, you have to contact the respective lecturers of the courses for information about the exact deadlines.You are expected to register only once, as exam and reexam count as one attempt.


In order to guarantee the requirements of our own examination regulations the examination board has decided that unsubscriptions (per email or personal) at the examination office are possible until 2 weeks before the examination date.


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