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Bioinformatics in Saarbrücken


Almost all core areas of bioinformatics such as biology, biochemistry, pharmacy, computer science etc, are concentrated on this classical campus university.


The emphasis of bioinformatics research in Saarbrücken is the development of algorithms and techniques with medical applications in drug discovery and therapy optimization.


Bioinformatics research and teaching in Saarbrücken started at the beginning of the nineties leading to a considerable number of diplomas and Ph.D theses in this field. When sequencing the human genome, scientific know-how from Saarbrücken was an important factor. The design of the hierachical assembler, which Celera Genomics used to create a first version of the human genome, was considerably influenced by Prof. Dr. Knut Reinert from Saarbrücken.


According to the developers of the hierarchical assembler, the Software-Library LEDA, was the most important software tool used. LEDA was designed and developed at the Max-Planck-Institute for Computer Science, which is also located at the campus of Saarland University. The computer science faculty at Saarland University enjoys a premium reputation both on the national and international level. Recently, a study of the Freiburg University revealed that this faculty ranks first in the frequency of citations and publications.



Saarbrücken - A place to study?

Saarbrücken has a quite large fraction of students relative to the number of inhabitants. The diverse and high quality study programs offered, the advantages of the city location and the wide range of cultural activities in the city are reasons for attracting the large student population.


Compared to its size Saarbrücken has many cultural highlights. If you like theatre or if you prefer cinema you'll find your wishes satisfied. The heart of Saarbrücken is well known for its numerous restaurants, especially at 'St. Johanner Markt', the most lively part of the old town. If you like to dance, there a several dancing clubs awaiting your visit, which cover the whole spectrum of different types of music. You can feel the proximity to France almost everywhere and this makes Saarbrücken a special place in the very center of Europe, at which "savoir vivre" is more than just a saying.


The cost of living is quite reasonable in contrast to other big German cities, and the rents are bearable. The city can easily be reached by car, train and plane, since 2001 also with the German high speed train (ICE).