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CBI Distinguished Speaker Series talks in summer term 2017

In summer term 2017, the CBI Distinguished Speaker Series will again present a succession of interesting talks addressing various hot topics in Bioinformatics (see below). The dates can also be found on our Distinguished Speaker Series page.
12.04.2017, 17:00 sharp
Werner Kühlbrandt
Department of Structural Biology, Max-Planck Institut für Biophysik, Frankfurt, Germany
The resolution revolution in electron cryo-microscopy - new opportunities and challenges fpr protein structure determination
10.05.2017, 17:00 sharp
Karsten Borgwardt
Department of Biosystems, Science and Engineering, ETH Zürich, Switzerland
Significant pattern mining for combinatorial association mapping
14.06.2017, 17:00 sharp
Miguel Andrade
Institute of Molecular Biology (IMB) and University Mainz, Germany
Computational study of protein interaction networks
05.07.2017, 17:00 sharp
Oliver Stegle
European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI), Cambridge, UK
From genotype to phenotype: new approaches using population variation and single-cell-genomics
All talks take place in room 001, CBI (Building E 2.1)
After the talks drinks and snacks will be served